Car Wrecks and Roadway Fatalities Increasing Since the Pandemic

For many years leading up to the COVID pandemic, traffic fatalities had decreased, and the roads were becoming safer.  But since the pandemic, there has been an upward trend in the number of wrecks and roadway fatalities. 

Some have speculated that with fewer cars on the road, drivers have increased their speed and are driving more recklessly.  Others state that our country’s deteriorating roads and infrastructure are contributing to this increase.

And according to recent studies, women are 20-28%more likely to die on a per crash basis and 37-73% more likely to have a serious injury.  The increase in roadway fatalities and car wrecks have the attention of the federal government and the head of the US Department of Transportation has recently stated that safety is their top priority in response to this upward spike of deaths and wrecks.

If you live and commute in Georgia, then you know these statistics first-hand.  Car wrecks are all around us, and no matter how careful you are when you drive, you are always vulnerable to a car wreck from a careless or distracted driver.

At The Pérez Law Firm, we have experience helping people recover the compensation they need to pay for medical bills, time lost from work, and for pain and suffering, suffered as a result of someone’s negligence on the roadways. 

In the worst cases, these wrecks can often cause death, and we’ve helped many Georgian families recover from the full value of the loss of a loved one’s life. If you or a loved one were injured or killed in a car wreck, we are ready to help and offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Contact us today!