Arbitration Update


Earlier this week, we wrote on how more and more, companies and healthcare providers are including arbitration clauses in their contracts and agreements, which can lead to someone losing their Constitutional Right to a trial by jury.

For many years, there have been efforts to pass legislation that would end forced arbitration and make sure that people keep their right to a trial by jury.  Advocates of ending forced arbitration secured a big win this week as the U.S. House of Representatives passed the FAIR Act which would seek to end forced arbitration.  

In the leadup to this vote, supporters of ending forced arbitration got a huge boost of support from Coach Brian Flores, the former Miami Dolphins head coach who has sued the Miami Dolphins and the NFL for discriminatory hiring processes.  The Dolphins are seeking to force Coach Flores’ case to arbitration.  

To read more about the impact of forced arbitration, and Coach Flores’ thoughts on why it should end, read more in this article from Pro Football Talk.